Tyler Capps

Tyler Capps Headshot


Tyler has been searching for a way to learn as fast as possible in order to get the tools required to change the world in a way that will benefit the most people. On this journey, he has experimented with formal education at the University of California, San Diego and MIT, and co-founded a group mentorship program where members mentored each other towards their respective greater goods. His hope is that people learning and then embodying knowledge of their behavior tendencies will enable them to unlock their best lives.

Peter DePaulo


Peter has been reading and exploring why people do what they do for the last 12 years. On his resume, he’s gone through Stanford’s StartX, helped start a coding school that was acquired by larger coding school, built applications shipped to over 3 million users, and trained machine learning algorithms with oncology data. Off his resume, he’s done an audit of electrification in coastal Nicaragua, briefly lived in Chile to chase the story of a poet, started two podcasts, graduated from All Out Comedy Theatre’s improv comedy program, and writes songs on guitar in beautiful, Alameda California.


1418 Cottage Street Apt. 2

Alameda, CA 94501