This is a tool that will help start you on your journey to creating long-lasting behaviors (download link at end of post). The purpose of the tool is to help you identify the benefits of and barriers to the desired behavior. The behaviors could be anything such as consistently exercising, having people support your business proposal, and so on.

To use the tool, download the template using the link below and fill in the template starting with the left-hand column. The way to read this document is for the benefits/barriers you write in the left-hand column, use the same numbered lines in the right-hand column to list ways how you can increase/decrease the associated benefits/barriers.

For example, if the behavior was “to improve sleep” and a barrier was “using the phone too much in bed,” you might put in the right-hand column “set alarm outside of bedroom and don’t allow phone use in the bedroom” as a way to decrease this barrier to your desired behavior.

We hope this helps and please let us know if you found this useful or have recommendations for how the tool could be improved.

Fostering Sustainable Behavior Tool (click to download Word doc)

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