Hello fellow Sophonauts!

This is our new newsletter (for news)! We write about behavior, how to understand yourself and how to make sense of the world. We’re here to help each other become better in every way and we try to keep it short so you’re not getting flooded with wall o’ text.

Oh hi there

Bite the bullets: all the stuff we want to share.

  • Our public facing Notion page. I’m so sick of making and remaking websites. I just decided to say “sod it” and just put all the information in a wiki in Notion. Shout out to TylerAlterman.com for the format inspiration.

  • The app: learn about your personality. Chances are that you have already taken our version of the Big Five personality assessment. If you haven’t, you certainly should. We just implemented new features in sharing if you want to connect with a friend! (Shout out to Andrew for implementation).

  • Thought Crimes Podcast: Learn to die well. I sat down with Dr. Raihan Faroqui and talked mostly about death. After this conversation, I’m convinced it’s something that every family should talk about. It’s not as grim as it sounds

  • Our Discord: if you want to talk to people about personality/behavior. We’re finally setting up the community, and there’s going to be something very cool happening in our Discord by the end of summer! You will have to join to find out what it is.

  • We have a blog! This update will be posted on our blog as well. We have a ton of content we’ve already written about behavior and personality.

  • New Product: We’re looking for beta users. If you want to help us a new product that helps you achieve

That’s it, go back to whatever you’re procrastinating!

Peter DePaulo, Co-founder

About Sophonaut

Sophonaut means “wisdom sailor” and was founded by Peter DePaulo and Tyler Capps . It’s a project with the intent of solving several problems that humanity faces by attacking the most upstream problem: people don’t understand and cannot control their own behavior.

The approach here is to hijack desire to move people up on the scale of their own development. Our models for this are based on a modified version of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a ton of personality psychology, and Robert Kegan’s model of adult development.

Remember to follow the Sophonaut Podcast (Thought Crimes), YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with our community and my personal TikTok for personality, behavior and wellness stuff.

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